This is the basic program you need to export the various scripts.

At first, you need to setup your configuration, which includes the path to your project folder (where all the tools like “osmconvert.exe” are placed). the path to your “wpscript.exe”, “QGIS”-folder, “imagemagick.exe” and the wanted scale for your final map. More about the scales here. You can simply save your configuration for later use by clicking “Save settings”. A XML-File will be written in the same folder where the program is located.

After setting up everything, you need to select the Tiles you want to export. The more Tiles you select, the longer the whole process takes. I recommend not to export more than 100 Tiles at once. (It wont require more performance, it just takes longer) You can select Tiles by hovering your mouse over the map. The name of the Tile, which includes the dagree latitude and longitude will appear. After selecting a Tile, the color will change to green. You can also search for the right Tiles with a higher resolution on this website.

You can also save and load your selection by clicking “Save selection”. Or download a preconfigured file for different countries from this website (soon).

At the end, you only need to click the export buttons on the bottom right and the program will generate all the scripts you need for the process.

All you have to do is running the batch file(s). All at once or step by step for debugging.